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Montreal, October 21, 2014 – The Quebec CPA Order (the Order) weighed in today on a number of issues related to Quebec’s tax system and the ongoing review of government programs during the public consultations of the Québec Taxation Review Committee. The Order outlined a series of proposals and conditions to help steer the Quebec government toward an equitable and more effective management of the province’s public finances.

“Quebec is at a unique turning point in its history as it faces numerous socioeconomic challenges,” said Alain Dugal, FCPA, CA and Chair of Order. “However, this is a tremendous opportunity for us, as a society, to innovate and develop new approaches to foster economic growth and redistribute our collective wealth. And Quebec’s CPAs can make a positive difference in redefining Quebec’s future,” added Mr. Dugal.

After carrying out an online consultation of its members, the Order identified three conditions to ensure the success of Quebec’s tax reform:

  • the Quebec government must make bold decisions and take a long-term view;
  • the social safety net protecting society’s poorest must not be called into question in any way whatsoever; and
  • regardless of the decisions it makes, the Quebec government must follow a disciplined approach and have a transparent analysis process.

“The Quebec CPA Order fully supports the review of the tax system. However, we believe it is essential that the government’s methodology be guided by the values of integrity, excellence, rigour and transparency,” stated Daniel McMahon, FCPA, FCA, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Order.

Read the Order’s tax brief [+]

Given the role it plays in society and its wish to have a greater influence on public debates, the CPA Order recently appeared at the public hearings of the Charbonneau Commission, where it submitted its recommendations on how to more effectively combat collusion and corruption in the awarding of public contracts in the construction Industry.

Read the Order’s brief to the Charbonneau commission [+]

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