Partnership with Educaid

Academic Persistence

Because the Foundation knows that investing in education is important and wants to make a positive impact on young people from less fortunate backgrounds, it has chosen to team up with Educaid to help secondary school students stay in school.

This wonderful partnership began in 2018, when the Foundation decided to support a first cohort of 20 students from different regions of Quebec through Educaid’s Persevera Program.

Recently, the Foundation renewed its partnership agreement with Educaid with the goal of supporting a new cohort of 20 students every year. Remember that each cohort is supported for three consecutive years, from secondary 3 until the students obtain their secondary school diploma (DES) or their secondary school vocational diploma (DEP). This renewed partnership represents an investment of nearly $100,000 for students with basic needs.


Persévéra is an Educaid-exclusive program that pairs organizations with secondary 3 students from less privileged backgrounds who demonstrate outstanding drive and perseverance.

Partner organizations, like the Foundation of Quebec CPAs, agree to pay $500 per year to Educaid for each sponsored student until the student has earned their first diploma. Through the Persévéra program, partners have a direct impact on the success of the young people and participate in their development.

For the young people, Persévéra provides tangible encouragement from adults who believe in them and helps prepare them for life’s demands through interaction with these adults.

The results speak for themselves: The drop-out rate is falling among the program’s scholarship recipients. The scholarships help them achieve success by meeting many of their needs: school supplies, clothes, sociocultural or sporting activities, computer equipment and much more. Scholarship use is fully managed by the school’s team and Educaid to ensure that the funds are used effectively.