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CPA Plus • Top story • 15 exceptional members awarded the title of Fellow!

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In this issue:
  • 15 exceptional members awarded the title of Fellow!
  • Exclusive interviews by Pierre-Yves McSween – Anything but boring!
  • Study on working conditions and work-life balance of CPAs
  • CPAs Without Borders is recruiting
  • CPA Foundation: Help open the door to success for youth in need
  • Recent appointments
  • Business transfers and successions: How to become a subject-matter expert
  • Attention all controllers: Vision Haute Performance program offered in the fall for the first time
  • In brief
  • NEW | Biron: Everything for your health
  • NEW | Polar Bear's Club spa: R&R in the heart of the Laurentians
  • Evenko: Ellen DeGeneres in Montreal
  • A conversation with FCPA Guylaine Leclerc, Auditor General of Québec | March 27

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