CPAs call for real control by citizens over their credit files

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Montreal, September 25, 2020 – As the National Assembly begins its clause-by-clause study of Bill 53, the Credit Assessment Agents Act, the CPA Order is calling for real control by citizens over their credit files.

“The possibility for citizens to freeze their credit or activate a security alert will be a major step forward allowing people to better manage their credit files and, by extension, their financial reputations. However, the exercise of these new rights must not be compromised by the charging of fees left to the discretion of credit assessment agents,” said CPA Order President and CEO Geneviève Mottard, CPA, CA, who added, “Control of a person’s credit is a right that must be free of charge.”

In addition to calling for the right to a security freeze and for a guarantee that exercising this right is free of charge, the Order has prepared other recommendations aimed at enhancing Bill 53 and guaranteeing the full exercise of citizens’ newly recognized rights. 


The Order recommends that credit assessment agents be obliged to notify a person of the creation of a credit file regarding him or her, and that the person be able to access and request corrections to information compiled or produced by credit assessment agents based on the person’s personal information, free of charge and without having to go through an obstacle course.


To enable people to exercise the rights recognized in Bill 53, the Order feels that it is essential that the proposed legislation explicitly specify the obligation for credit assessment agents to communicate clearly, precisely and in French and to provide high-quality customer service by implementing appropriate technological solutions. Indeed, the Order feels that a credit assessment agent’s ability to fulfil these obligations should be a prerequisite for exercising his or her activities in Quebec.


Finally, to guarantee citizens’ access to the proposed protection measures, Bill 53 must clearly define the terms of application. The National Assembly must also set a deadline to ensure the coming-into-force of all of the provisions of Bill 53 within a reasonable timeframe. 

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