Financial support to promote employee training during COVID-19

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Update: June 1, 2020

The Business component of PACME has reached its maximum financial capacity. It is therefore no longer possible to submit a request for this component. Businesses can join an authorized training project from the Collective promoter component of PACME.

See details on the government website >

The Government of Quebec announced in April the creation of the Concerted Action Program for Maintaining Employment (officially the Programme d'actions concertées pour le maintien en emploi or PACME) that offers direct financial support to businesses and self-employed workers affected by the pandemic that want to use the crisis to train their employees. 

The $150 million budget allocated for the Business component has now been spent.

If you have benefited from this program and wish to obtain a training certificate, here is how to procede.

For e-learning activities offered by the Order, you can download your certificate from your online file. See how >
For e-learning activities offered in partnership, we suggest that you contact the training partner directly to obtain your training certificate.