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Financial support to promote employee training during COVID-19

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Update: May 5, 2020

Have your operations been disrupted? Are you facing challenges related to work reorganization and uncertainties about future profitability? Do you have to decide whether to proceed with temporary layoffs?  

The Government of Quebec announced the creation of the Concerted Action Program for Maintaining Employment (officially the Programme d'actions concertées pour le maintien en emploi or PACME) that offers direct financial support to businesses and self-employed workers affected by the pandemic that want to use the crisis to train their employees. 

The range of activities eligible for this program could allow you to turn this time of uncertainty into an opportunity, particularly by:

  • Acquiring new skills and knowledge to get you back on your feet or keep pace with the digital transformation
  • Maintaining your skills up to date and meeting your continuing education requirements  while business is slow
  • Offering training on new work methods
  • Offering basic training to your employees to ensure you can resume operations quickly

Many expenses directly and indirectly related to training are also eligible for reimbursement under the program, specifically: 

  • Wages of workers in training (excluding payroll taxes), capped at $25 per hour 
  • Registration fees or other costs related to the use of a platform
  • Costs of transitioning face-to-face training to online training that could allow you to continue your activities during the lockdown period
How do I apply for a subsidy under the PACME’s Business component?

Eligible businesses and self-employed workers must send an email to, specifying the following:

  • The program name and the name of their region in the email subject line (e.g., PACME Mauricie)
  • The name of the business and how to reach the contact person in the body of the email

A Services Québec business adviser will then get in touch with the contact person.

For the full list of eligible activities and expenses, as well as the eligibility criteria, please visit the program’s webpage (currently only in French).

What is the time frame for taking advantage of the subsidy?
If your employer applies for the subsidy and the application is approved, training activities covered by the application and completed by September 30, 2020, will be reimbursed. 
Is training given by the Order eligible?

Yes, e-learning provided by the Order could be eligible for this program provided it meets the needs of the business and its employees. Supporting documents (e.g., proof of training, training plans, cost of each training activity, etc.) will be required for the applicant to be granted the subsidy. 

View the e-learning activities offered by the Order >

Is training purchased using my Corporate passport eligible?

Yes, training that you sign up for using a Corporate passport is eligible. You will have to show the cost of the registration. That means that the cost of the passport and the cost price* calculation are required to prove the cost of the training. 

*Cost price = (Number of PDCs required for registration / Passport’s total number of PDCs excluding the PDCs transferred from a previous year) x Cost of the passport

Who has to apply for the subsidy — me or my employer?
The application for the subsidy has to be submitted by your employer. See above for how to proceed.
To receive the subsidy, I have to explain how my training is evaluated and provide a certificate. How should I go about this?
All e-learning activities offered by the Order use one or more of the following evaluation methods: questionnaire, simulations or discussions with the activity leader. Therefore, you should specify the evaluation method that was used in the training you took. In addition, if you have successfully completed one of our online training activities, you can download your certificate from your online file. See how >
As for e-learning activities offered in partnership, nearly all of them include an evaluation. Since the training partner is responsible for its evaluation method, we suggest that you contact it directly to obtain this information as well as your proof of training.


Visit the PACME–COVID-19 website for full details about the program.