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2016 financial report

The 2016 financial report (FR) form to be used by municipalities and other municipal organizations for their 2016 financial accountability report is now available through MAMOT’s electronic delivery system, SESAMM. Go to the MAMOT website to view the FR 2016 form and guide.  

MAMOT has also posted updated support materials for 2016 FR preparers under the site’s Outils de présentation (reporting tools) tab.  

2017 projected aggregate taxation rate

Beginning in 2017, municipalities and other municipal organizations will no longer be required to send their budgets to MAMOT. The 2016 FR has a new section for the budget data MAMOT needs, i.e. section III – Données prévisionnelles pour l’exercice 2017 (2017 budget data). Only local municipalities will be required to provide this data on the projected aggregate taxation rate (ATR) and tax revenues.

Even though the 2017 projected ATR will be provided in the 2016 FR, local municipalities wanting to ensure they receive their compensations in lieu of taxes on May 30 or June 10 will be able to use the 2017 projected ATR form available through SESAMM to send it in early. Go to the MAMOT website to view the form.  For more information on how to use this form, read the document entitled Changements en matière de reddition de comptes financière des organismes municipaux (changes in municipal organizations’ financial accountability reporting) on MAMOT’s website.  

December 2016 update to the Manuel de la présentation de l’information financière municipale (MPIFM – municipal financial reporting handbook)

MAMOT has published its December 2016 edition of the MPIFM. The new version and a summary of the updates are available on MAMOT’s website.