Financial literacy month: are you a good role model for your children?

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Montreal, November 1, 2022 - The Quebec CPA Order is celebrating Financial Literacy Month by reminding Quebecers that they must have a solid grasp of money basics if they want to make more informed decisions and set the example for future generations. That is why the Order is releasing an information kit today that parents can use to assess what they know about managing their personal finances and to help their children develop the right reflexes.

Asking (yourself) the right questions 

“The Order has always believed it is important to take control of its finances, not only to improve its situation, of course, but also to plan for the future and be less vulnerable, for example, to fraud. By starting the conversation early with our children and having open conversations about money throughout their lives, they will become more independent and confident when dealing with it," explains Geneviève Mottard, CPA, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Quebec CPA Order.

The kit comes with practical tools that help parents self-assess their knowledge, look for relevant information, and then share it with their children.

It includes: 

1. An interactive questionnaire that assesses their understanding of money basics.

2. Free registration for two webinars: 

- November 17th, 12:00-1:00 pm: Adults: Are you a good financial role model? (in French only) 
- November 24th, 12:00-1:00 pm: How to teach your kids about money (in French only)

3. An article with top tips and advice on raising financially healthy children

4. The video clip entitled S’acheter de la liberté by the Quebec CPA Order, starring Pierre-Yves McSween, FCPA. (in French only)

Consult the information kit >

Everyone should learn about money

The learning process should start young, but it should not stop there. Whether you are planning to buy a new house or honing your business financing strategy, you need to know enough about these endeavours to make well-informed decisions.

That is why the Order provides the public with useful resources in addition to the kit: informative video clips, a range of financial literacy sessions at workplaces or schools, and resources from financial education partners. There is something for all age groups and each of their specific situations.

What about the CPAs?

Chartered Professional Accountants are perfectly placed to understand the importance of adopting healthy financial habits and setting the right example in this regard. The Order and its members make efforts throughout the year to speak about and explain these topics to the general public, which helps fill in some of the existing knowledge gaps.

“Thanks to their wide-ranging expertise in many fields of finance and business administration, CPAs hold the keys to deciphering financial information for different audiences. For example, hundreds of CPAs volunteer every year to help out in various ways with financial literacy activities. We encourage our members to keep sharing their knowledge with the public in Quebec because everyone benefits from it,” concludes Geneviève Mottard.

About the Quebec CPA Order

The Quebec CPA Order has 41,000 members and 5,000 future CPAs, making it the third largest professional order in Quebec. The Order ensures the protection of the public and the visibility of the profession. It represents all areas of expertise of the accounting profession, including financial reporting, management accounting, strategy and governance, audit and assurance, finance and taxation. 

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