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The 45 professional orders and the Québec Interprofessional Council (QIC) have teamed up to run a French-language information campaign called “Ordre de protéger” (Order to protect.) This primarily social media campaign targets both the general public and influencers.

The major objective of the “Order to protect” campaign is to raise public awareness of the mission of professional orders and the means at their disposal to fulfill it.

To help restore public confidence in professionals and their orders, the campaign also highlights the social and economic contributions of these key players in society.

The campaign is based on the creation of a microsite and the use of social media.

Confidence builders

A CROP survey conducted in 2012 and repeated in 2013 reveals that only 12% of Quebecers believe that the mission of professional orders is to protect the public: 39% of respondents stated that professional orders protect their members while 49% said that orders exist to protect both their members and the public.

This opinion is in line with the cynicism expressed by a large percentage of Quebecers who claim there is no point turning to the orders for help since professionals “only protect each other.”

Given this situation, it is important for professionals and their orders to build a relationship of trust with the Quebec population, and this is the challenge addressed by the “Order to protect” campaign.

A social media campaign

What is a professional order? How do professional orders protect the public? How do professionals and their orders contribute to society and the economy? To answer these questions and many others, the 45 professional orders and the Québec Interprofessional Council joined forces to run the “Order to protect” campaign.

The campaign’s microsite features a blog that explains the mission of professional orders, public protection mechanisms, and the social contributions made by professionals and their orders.

The campaign also uses social media to get its message across. The QIC’s Linkedin page is intended for professionals who use that business network; its Twitter account targets influencers who can help raise awareness of the role and contribution of professional orders; and its Facebook page is designed to educate people about the various professions and public protection mechanisms.

Internet users are encouraged to leave comments on both the microsite and the social media pages to facilitate direct communication between the public and the campaign organizers.

Order to protect: one click, many answers

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