The Order continues its partnership with Bénévoles d’affaires

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The Order is proud to continue its partnership with Bénévoles d’affaires, an organization created in 2006 that provides free matching services between business people and not-for-profit organizations. By volunteering their services in their area of expertise, business people can help organizations in the greater Montreal area grow and become more efficient.

After six years in existence, Bénévoles d’affaires has 3,350 registered volunteers, of whom 11% are members of the CPA Order. To date, the organization has completed more than 1,565 matches, including over 125 with Order members, proof that Bénévoles d’affaires is booming!

Would you like to volunteer with organizations and share your expertise? Contact Caroline Bolduc, service coordinator at Bénévoles d’affaires, by phone at 514 395-6012 or by e-mail at