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Committee on training of chartered professional accountants of Quebec

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The terms of reference of the Committee on training are to examine, in accordance with the respective and complementary jurisdictions of the Order, university educational institutions and the Minister of Education, matters relating to the quality of training of chartered professional accountants. Quality of training means the adequacy of the training for acquiring the professional skills required for the practice of the CPA profession.


The main responsibilities of the committee include:

  • defining the objectives of the training programs offered by educational institutions leading to a diploma that gives access to a permit or specialist's certificate of the Order;
  • determining the objectives of the other conditions and procedures for the issue of permits or specialist's certificates that may be imposed by a regulation of the Board, such as professional training periods or professional examinations;
  • defining the diploma or training equivalence standards, prescribed by regulation of the Board, that give access to a permit or specialist's certificate;
  • reviewing each year, in light of developments in knowledge and practice and particularly in respect of the protection of the public, the quality of training and, where appropriate, reporting its observations to the Board;
  • advising the Board, in respect of the quality of training, on projects involving the revision or preparation of the objectives or standards relating to diploma or training equivalence, prescribed by regulation of the Board, that give access to a permit or specialist's certificate of the Ordre;
  • advising the Board on ways to improve the quality of training, in particular by proposing solutions to the problems observed.