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Continuing education evaluation committee

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Formed by the Board of directors of the Order, the Continuing education evaluation committee (the “Committee”) is a standing committee established under the Regulation respecting compulsory continuing education for Quebec chartered professional accountants who hold a public accountancy permit and the Règlement sur la formation continue obligatoire des comptables professionnels agréés du Québec (the “Regulations”).


The Committee has decision-making authority over the applications for recognition of continuing education activities it receives. Its role is therefore to rule on the eligibility of members’ reported continuing education activities.


The Committee

  • updates and monitors the continuing education program and application terms (the “program”) for approval by the Board of directors;
  • determines, in accordance with the program and Regulations, the eligibility criteria for continuing education activities;
  • evaluates members’ reported continuing education activities that fall outside the predefined framework.

The Committee may ask members for additional information or documentation, to find out more about the reported activities and validate completion.

When the Committee refuses to recognize one or more continuing education activities, it sends a notice to the member in question, specifying the continuing education activities that it does not recognize and the reasons for refusing them, no later than 180 days following the deadline for filing the continuing education report set out in the Regulations.

Members may request a review of the Committee’s decision by submitting a written application to the Executive committee within 30 days of receiving the notice.