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Indemnity fund committee

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Established under section 89 of the Professional Code and the Regulation respecting trust accounting by chartered professional accountants and the indemnity fund of the Ordre des comptables professionnels agréés du Québec, the Indemnity fund committee assesses all claims submitted under the Regulation and makes recommendations to the Order’s Board of Directors. Any revision to the terms of reference of the Indemnity fund committee is the responsibility of the Board and, in some cases, the Office des professions and the Quebec Cabinet, since it may require an amendment to the Regulation.


The Indemnity fund committee was set up to examine claims against the Indemnity Fund in accordance with the Regulation and make recommendations to the Board on these claims. The committee may hold an inquiry in accordance with section 89 of the Professional Code and the Regulation.

Under the Regulation, a syndic, the Professional inspection committee or the person in charge of professional inspection may provide all the information and evidence deemed relevant for the purposes of an inquiry by the Board, the committee, or the person appointed to conduct the inquiry.