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Professional education programs committee

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The terms of reference of the Professional education programs committee are to support the Committee on training of chartered professional accountants of Quebec in its responsibilities and ensure that the components of the education program reflect the directions of the profession on admission requirements for future CPAs. This mandate is in keeping with the Order’s strategic directions to attract a sufficient number of high-calibre candidates and ensure that they acquire the top-level skills required to meet the needs of organizations and protect the public.


The main responsibilities of the committee include:

  • reviewing and commenting on projects dealing with new directions for the profession, updates or proposed changes to admission requirements;
  • participating in implementing and communicating the new directions, updates or changes to admission requirements and proposing solutions to facilitate their implementation, if applicable;
  • identifying improvements to be made to the admission requirements, based on committee members’ knowledge of students, candidates, changes in standards and the job market, and making recommendations;
  • ensuring that university programs are periodically reviewed so that they adequately integrate the CPA Competency Map and are in keeping with the Order’s accreditation standards; 
  • reviewing and commenting on the CPA Competency Map each year as regards the knowledge, skills and attitudes that CPA candidates are expected to demonstrate;
  • when necessary, commenting (a posteriori) on the Common Final Examination to evaluate whether it reflects the evolution of the profession. 


Members who wish to apply for this committee must have at least 5 to 7 years of relevant experience.