ESG Commitments


Our vision

To create a responsible Quebec, CPAs must be part of the solution.

As a professional order whose primary mission is to protect the public and as a practice leader, the Order has committed to take concrete action on sustainable development following a rigorous and transparent process.

Our goal is for the Order, its 41,000 CPAs and 5,000 future CPAs to become key actors who overcome challenges and seize emerging opportunities in environmental, social and governance practices. Our commitment includes setting the example by engaging and equipping our staff members and informing and training our members so that they have the knowledge they need to be agents of change in this area. This is how we intend to fully contribute to the implementation of collective and sustainable solutions that will benefit Quebec as a whole.

CPAs, the world
is counting on you!

Watch our ambassadors’ testimonials to learn more about the world of possibilities in ESG practices offered by the CPA designation.