The products and services (including educational material, publications, conferences, in-class and e-learning sessions) of the Ordre des comptables professionnels agréés du Québec (Order) and those offered in association, hereinafter referred to as “products” and “services,” are provided to Order members and the public subject to the conditions described herein, in order to guide and/or advise them. The information given is based mainly on current legislation, standards and rules. It is not a substitute for the exercise of professional judgment by chartered professional accountants or other professionals. 

This information, as well as the instructor’s, advisor’s, speaker’s or author’s comments and answers, should not be relied upon as a substitute for engagements entrusted to professionals with specialized knowledge in their field. It is based on the situation described and could therefore be incomplete. It is important to note that the legislation, standards and rules on which this information is based may change at any time and that, in some cases, the information may be controversial. 

Neither the Order nor any person involved in preparing the products or services or in preparing the answers to questions by CPAs or the public, shall have any liability in relation to the use of these products or services and no guarantee whatsoever shall be provided regarding these products or services. Moreover, the information is not binding on the Order or the Office of the Syndic in particular. 

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