Types of training

Training activities that meet your professional needs while taking into account your learning style


Conferences, debates or plenary sessions on various topics under one theme, where speakers present their expertise and share their views with the participants.

Grands Rendez-vous CPA events: Leaders of change

Major annual events that replace the Public Sector, Industry and Public Practice CPA Symposiums and offer multi-disciplinary programming on a wide range of issues that affect CPA members in these sectors.

Vision Haute Performance 

Vision Haute Performance programs are long-term activities tailored to meet the needs of controllers who strive for excellence.


Course aimed at CPAs wishing to review basic concepts learned in the past and seldom used since.


Course aimed at CPAs who want to know the latest changes, trends and best practices on a given topic.

Model file or implementation model

Course aimed at CPAs wishing to apply the theory by method of full simulation.

Information session

Presentation on a specific and technical topic or on a hot topic by a renowned speaker or an expert.

“Introduction” course

Course aimed at CPAs wishing to acquire basic knowledge of concepts or standards. Experienced CPAs are invited to register to the “advanced” courses.

“Advanced” course  

Course aimed at experienced CPAs wishing to increase their knowledge of concepts or standards on a specific topic.