Bandeau formation à distance

Develop your skills at your own pace in the comfort of your home or work environment with our wide selection of e-learning activities. Adapted to your learning style, flexible, stimulating and varied, they will meet all your professional development needs.

Choose the method of dissemination that suits you!

Recorded training activities

Short-term training activities

  • Web conferences: Online videos of presentations recorded during a symposium.
  • Web interviews: Online videos of interviews with experts.
  • Interactive training activity: Training activity during which theory is taught through interactive content such as exercises, quizzes, texts and videos.

Long-term training activities

  • Webcasts: Rebroadcast of webinars, in-class courses or any other recorded activity. 
  • Online training activities: Training activities accessible at all times, for a predetermined period. Learn at your own pace and at your convenience.

Live training activities

  • Webinars: Training activities available live through the Web, where participants have the opportunity to intervene and ask the instructor questions.