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Election to the Board of directors

In accordance with the Professional Code and the Règlement sur les élections et l’organisation de l'Ordre des CPA (in French only), the annual election to the Board of directors is held in June in order to fill positions of directors whose term has expired and who are elected by one of the 7 regions represented on the board.

Board composition

The Order’s Board of directors has 15 members*, including:

  • 4 directors appointed by the Office des professions
  • 11 directors elected by members of the Order practising in Quebec

Directors are elected for a 3-year term.

* If the chair is elected by a general vote of the members, the Order’s Board of directors is then made up of 16 members.

Make way for young CPAs!

The board must include at least one director who is 35 years of age or under at the time of his or her election.

If no director meeting this criterion is elected, the board must submit an invitation for applications within 30 days following the election and appoint an additional director from among the members of the Order who are 35 years of age or under. This member will be deemed to be an elected director of the Board of directors whose term, which cannot be renewed, is equivalent to the term of other directors.

Director's role and responsibilities

The Board of directors sees to the general administration of the affairs of the Order and the application of the Professional Code, the CPA Act and the regulations made thereunder.

Given the importance of their responsibilities, the individuals called on to serve as directors must exercise prudence and diligence, in accordance with the principle of “fiduciary duty”. This principle requires directors to act with loyalty and integrity and in good faith. Because they must maintain solidarity in support of the board, directors are accountable for the board’s decisions, and these decisions may expose them to liability. Therefore, it is crucial that they be well-prepared for each meeting and stay current.

The Board of directors holds at least 6 meetings per year, not counting the extraordinary meetings which are generally held by conference call. Based on a schedule established by the Order, directors receive directors’ fees, and their travel expenses are reimbursed. They are also subject to a code of ethics.

Director’s profil
In addition to attending the meetings of the board, directors are strongly encouraged to become involved in the Order’s various committees. The number of hours required can vary depending on the projects and committees.

Secretary's role and responsibilities

As the returning officer, the secretary of the Order ensures the efficient conduct of the elections. The secretary also monitors compliance with the rules of conduct that apply to candidates.

If the number of nominations received by the deadline, by electoral region, exceeds the number of vacant seats, the members from this region entered on the roll of the Order on April 23, 2019 will receive an email with all the necessary information related to the election.


  • Nomination period: Mid-May to Mid-June
  • Voting period: June
  • Counting of the votes: no later than 10 days following the voting period end date
  • Announcement of results: in the days following the counting of the ballots
  • Taking of office: meeting of the Board of directors following the ballots

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