Dissatisfied with the outcome of conciliation?

If the conciliation process did not allow you to reach an agreement with the CPA, you may submit an application for arbitration to the Order.

How to file an application for arbitration

Complete and sign the documents you receive with the conciliation report, namely:

  • the application for arbitration form;
  • the solemn declaration, duly signed by a commissioner for oaths.

Important! Once you have submitted your application for arbitration, you may not withdraw it without the consent of the CPA in question. However, it is possible that a settlement can be reached by the parties.


You must file your application for arbitration within 20 days of receiving the conciliation report.


Both parties are heard during a hearing before the Council for the arbitration of accounts, and they are entitled to be assisted by a lawyer. Depending on the amount in dispute, the arbitration council is formed of one or three arbitrators who are CPAs. The date, time and location of the hearing as well as the names of the arbitrators are communicated at least 10 days before the date of the hearing.

The council for the arbitration of accounts’ decision

The arbitration council renders its decision within 45 days of the hearing. It may maintain or reduce the disputed account.

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The Council for the arbitration of accounts’ decisions, also called arbitration awards, are executory under Quebec’s Code of Civil Procedure.

Possible costs

At the end of the process, the arbitration council may order certain costs against the parties involved.

  1. Arbitration expenses: The arbitration council may order either of the parties to pay the costs corresponding to the expenses incurred by the Order for arbitration, or apportion such costs among them. These costs may not exceed 15% of the disputed amount.
  2. Interest and indemnity: The arbitration council may add interest and an indemnity to the statement of fees, calculated from the date of the application for conciliation, where the account in dispute is upheld in whole or in part or a reimbursement is granted.


Read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) (in French only) to find answers to the most common questions about arbitration

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