Why choose a CPA for my business needs?

CPAs: key allies

Need to manage your company’s growth, revive your business or improve your financial situation? Are you still doing the bookkeeping for your business, but would rather focus your attention on its operations?

CPAs have the expertise and knowledge to spot market trends and give you expert business advice that will help change your organization’s future.

What exactly can a CPA do for my business?

As trusted advisors, CPAs have the expertise to provide a variety of services that go well beyond traditional accounting. Here is an overview of what they can do for you.

  • Prepare and analyze your budgets
  • Produce your financial forecasts
  • Analyze your expenditures and improve your cost management
  • Propose practical solutions for your transactions
  • Devise your strategic plan
  • Implement your financial strategies
  • Give business advice to you
  • Predict the impact of your strategic and operational decisions
  • Find and check data to guide your decisions
  • Advise you on your business succession, acquisition, start-up or growth plans

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Should I hire a CPA for an in-house position at my company?

If you need business advice on an increasingly regular basis, the time has come to hire a CPA to manage your business finances. 

Here are some examples of positions and tasks that can be entrusted to a CPA.

  • Manage all steps in the accounting cycle process
  • Coordinate budget preparation
  • Prepare interim and annual financial statements
  • Propose strategies to improve profitability
  • Oversee the implementation and monitoring of internal controls
  • Manage fiscal and government compliance activities
  • Supervise staff members such as assistants and accounting technicians
Financial analyst:
  • Prepare financial statements and check their accuracy
  • Prepare and analyze budgets and financial forecasts
  • Monitor performance indicators
Financial manager or Vice-President of Finance:
  • Manage the team that prepares the budgets and financial reports
  • Oversee financial forecasts and planning
  • Help create a profitable and growing business
  • Participate in strategic planning

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Should I hire a CPA as a consultant?

If you only occasionally need assistance in preparing financial statements or analyzing specific projects, you could hire a CPA or an accounting firm to provide these services to you.

Here are some examples of engagements that CPAs may perform.

  • Create a strategic plan for your future projects
  • Improve your project profitability (prepare a sales growth plan or a cost reduction plan)
  • Optimize your financial and operational structure
  • Devise a business or marketing strategy
  • Help reorganize your business to make it more efficient (such as by preparing an analytical report, developing and implementing solutions)

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Count on success with CPAs!

Crunch the numbers with Mélissa Harvey, President and founder of Zorah biocosmétiques, and Pascal Nataf, CEO of Affordance Studio, who took our very serious “Le compte est bon” quiz and answered all our questions about the added value that CPAs bring to their businesses.

Ready to work with a CPA?

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