Review of the syndic’s decision

If you submit a request for an inquiry into the conduct of a CPA, but the syndic decides to close the file without lodging a complaint with the Disciplinary council, you can request an opinion from the Review committee.


You must send your request to the secretary of the Review committee within 30 days of the date of receipt of the syndic’s decision.

Review process

The Review committee is made up of three members, including one public representative. Its role is to ensure that the syndic’s inquiries are properly conducted and his or her decisions are well-founded.

First, the committee reviews the entire file. It does not hold any hearings but may decide to meet with you and with the syndic. However, it does not meet with the CPA who is the subject of the complaint. 

You have the right to submit observations to the Review committee at any time before it reaches a decision.

Decision of the review committee

The Review committee has 90 days from the date of receipt of your request to inform you of its decision.

The committee may:

  • find that there is no cause to lodge a complaint with the Disciplinary council. In such a case, you may personally lodge a complaint with the Disciplinary council;
  • suggest that the syndic complete its inquiry and render a new decision as to whether or not to lodge a complaint;
  • find there is cause to lodge a complaint with the Disciplinary council and suggest that an ad hoc syndic be appointed who will decide whether or not to lodge a complaint.

The committee may also suggest that a syndic refer the record to the professional inspection committee.

The Review committee informs the person who requested the inquiry and the syndic of its decision in writing.


If you have any questions about the Review committee, please contact the Records Department at, or by phone at 514 288.3256 [2617] or toll-free at 1 800 363.4688.