Exemption request

Members may be exempt from having to take part in continuing education activities due to overwhelming circumstances, such as:

  • health reasons
  • parental leave of one year following the birth or adoption of a child
  • being an informal caregiver
  • living far away and being unable to access continuing education activities, as long as the member can demonstrate that he or she is unable to comply with the requirement

To be granted an exemption, members must submit an exemption request to the Order by August 31 of each reference year. Exemptions may only be granted for a maximum period of 12 months at a time. They can be renewed, except for the exemption respecting parental leave for the same child. If the renewal is allowed, the member follows the same application procedure used to make the initial request.

To have their exemption request processed, members must submit one of the following supporting documents to the Order by email at declaration@cpaquebec.ca:

  • Québec Parental Insurance Plan letter (QPIP)
  • medical certificate
  • birth certificate
  • adoption certificate
  • any other relevant document

Please note that the Order reserves the right to require further supporting documentation if necessary.

Please allow three weeks from the date your supporting documents are received for your request to be processed. Due to the large number of requests, the processing time may be longer near the end of a reference year or period.

Overwhelming circumstances do not include:

  • taking a sabbatical
  • seeking employment
  • extending parental leave beyond the first year following the birth or adoption of a child