Financial Literacy Month 2022


Financial education: are you a good role model for your children?

November is Financial Literacy Month and the Quebec CPA Order is taking the opportunity to remind everyone that it is important to have a solid grasp of their personal finances. That is why we prepared an information kit specially designed for parents. It has simple and fun tools that help you learn more about your financial situation and confidently talk to your children about it.

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November 17 – Free webinar (in French)

Are you a good financial role model?

Learn how to self-assess your financial practices and adopt 10 healthy habits that will make you a better money manager and role model for your children! 

November 24 – Free webinar (in French)

How to teach your kids about money

Use an age-appropriate strategy to teach your children about money and avoid making mistakes when allocating your resources, using credit cards and other financial tools.

S’acheter de la liberté

S’acheter de la liberté

Children often have a way of telling it like it is! Hear CPA Pierre-Yves McSween’s advice on how to plan your financial freedom.

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Start your child’s financial education early

The best way to educate your children about money is to start the conversation early and speak openly about it with them. Find out CPA Canada’s tips and advice in this inspiring article.

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Questionnaire interactif

Interactive questionnaire

Use this interactive questionnaire to learn about money basics and how they apply to your situation.

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