Denis Le Vasseur - 2020 Recipient

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Denis Le vAsseur, FCPA, FCA

Power Corporation


Denis Le Vasseur’s career and Power Corporation’s growth have been inextricably linked for over 30 years. This CPA, who is the very example of loyalty, has left his mark on all of the company’s major projects thanks to his prior accounting, tax and financial analyses, risk analyses and implementation of the highest quality standards.

In the early 1990s, he traveled regularly to Asia in order to work on Power Corporation’s expansion in China. He created accounting, tax and legal references. Next, Mr. Le Vasseur became closely involved in Great-West Lifeco’s acquisition of London Life, which was backed by Power Financial; a few years later Great-West and Canada Life Financial amalgamated to become one of the largest life and health insurers in Canada.

Mr. Le Vasseur was particularly instrumental in implementing IFRS, coordinating an extraordinarily complex issuer bid, and reorganizing Power Corporation and Power Financial at the end of 2019.

His ability to elevate Canadian CPAs to the highest spheres of the global economy has certainly earned him his place among our Fellows.