Michael Newton - 2018 recipient

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Michael Newton, FCPA, FCA

Managing partner
FL Fuller Landau

Michael Newton has spent his entire career at FL Fuller Landau. At 36, he took over as managing partner of the firm and deftly breathed new life into it, driven by his conviction that the firm’s blend of experience and youth would alone be enough to guarantee its staying power. His passionate approach triggered a spike in revenue and creative service offerings, as FL Fuller Landau acquired smaller firms and offered consulting services to multigenerational family businesses, which he considers the pillar of Québec Inc.

Moreover, Mr. Newton is an exceptional role model for the next generation of professionals, as he is constantly developing innovative practices and technologies specifically with them in mind. And his efforts have been rewarded: FL Fuller Landau was named one of Montréal’s top employers as part of the 2017 “Canada’s top 100 employers” by Maclean’s magazine. In fact, promoting the firm, the region and the country is also a large part of Mr. Newton’s active role as chair of the international association known as the Leading Edge Alliance (LEA Global).

Michael Newton insists that giving back to the community is not an option, but rather a necessity. He preaches that writing a cheque is easy, but generating participation from your team requires vision, resolve and leading by example. In this way, Mr. Newton sets an exciting example of the highly prized and cherished values that bring honour and visibility to our profession. We award this Fellow title to Michael Newton as a reflection of our great admiration for all these achievements.