Transferring your candidate file to Quebec

If you wish to become a candidate for the practice of the CPA profession in Quebec, you must remain a candidate in good standing with the other provincial or regional CPA body (hereinafter "Other Body”) to request candidate status at the Quebec CPA Order.

  • Before beginning the transfer process, you must update your reported work experience and end your work experience through PERT.
  • Once you have made these updates, you can email the Other Body to inform it that you would like to transfer your file to the Quebec CPA Order.
  • You will then need to fill out the Provincial Transfer Service Request and send it to the Other Body.
  • The Other Body will forward your provincial transfer file to the Quebec CPA Order.
  • The Quebec CPA Order will validate your file* and send you instructions on how to apply for registration and pay the applicable fees.

Once your candidate file is active in Quebec, the Other Body will be notified, close your file and issue you a prorated refund (where applicable).

Please note that if you do not fill out the application for registration with the Quebec CPA Order, your transfer will not be finalized.

Important note

To be able to use it, your CPA designation must be active in the province where you work.
To find out more about acquiring and keeping your designation in Quebec, please read our frequently asked questions.

*Please note that the requirements for practical experience periods and/or studies may vary from one CPA body to the next. Candidates who plan to pursue their path toward the CPA designation by transferring to another body should contact the other body. Please note that candidates will be subject to the regulations, statutes and governing documents of the new body.