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Deregistrations and reinstatements


Candidates for the profession who wish to deregister with the Order must submit a duly completed and signed deregistration form [PDF].

The consequences of deregistration with the Order are as follows:

  • prohibition to use the status of candidate for the profession, or to identify as a candidate for the profession (e.g. in telephone directories, on websites, social media, business cards and stationery). Persons who violate the prohibition and continue to hold themselves out or present themselves as a candidate for the profession may be subject to penal proceedings for unauthorized use of the title;
  • loss of the benefits obtained as a CPA under agreements entered into by the Order on behalf of its members (short-term disability insurance, prescription drug insurance, etc.).


A person who has already been a candidate for the profession and who wishes to be reinstated with the Order must:

  • complete and sign an application for reinstatement [PDF];
  • pay the dues owing on the date of deregistration if they have not been paid* and the current annual dues;
  • pay the reinstatement fees*;
  • consider that the Order may not recognize a certain number of months of practical experience completed during the period of inactivity;
  • consider that they may be required to successfully complete one or more update courses.

* IMPORTANT: These amounts must be paid in order for us to finalize the application for reinstatement.

The minimum processing time is 30 days. We may request additional information to review your file and determine the conditions for reinstatement.


Contact the Qualification team.

T. 514 982.4606 [option 2] 1 800 363.4688 [2601]