Retest policy


After completing the two Capstone modules/courses, you can choose not to attempt the Common Final Examination (CFE) right away and wait until the next offering*.

Deferral requests should be submitted to the Order in writing to

*Note: If you defer the CFE, you are not required to retake Capstone 1. However, you are responsible for familiarizing yourself with whichever Capstone 1 case study linked to Day 1 of the CFE you will attend.


Passing Day 1 is not linked to passing Days 2 and 3. Therefore, you may need more than one attempt to pass the entire examination.

If you received a Fail, please read carefully the following sections, especially if you have failed your third attempt.

You passed the CFE but did not meet the requirement regarding the Financial reporting and you still want to get the CPA auditor designationLearn more about the public accountancy examination >

WHAT IF YOU FAIL at the 1st or 2nd attempt?

If you fail your 1st attempt at Day 1, at Days 2 and 3, or at all 3 days, you can rewrite the exam during the next scheduled CFE of your choice. However, you should read the following carefully in order to make an informed decision. 

If you plan on requesting a performance analysis for Day 1, for Days 2 and 3, or for all 3 days of the CFE, you should take the reports delivery date into consideration. Due to the time required to complete this analysis, you will not receive the reports in time for you to register for the next scheduled CFE.


CFE results

Performance analysis reports



CFE results

Performance analysis reports


  • If you fail your 1st or 2nd attempt at all 3 days, you must register to rewrite all 3 days at the same sitting of an upcoming CFE. You may not register to rewrite Day 1 of one CFE and Days 2 and 3 of another.
  • If you fail your 1st or 2nd attempt at Days 2 and 3 or at all 3 days, we strongly recommend that you retake Capstone 2, even though it is not required. Visit the CFE preparation page to see the tools available to you.
  • If you fail your 2nd attempt at Day 1 or at all 3 days, you will have to learn the case that will be assessed during the next scheduled CFE, since each case is used for only 2 examinations.


If you fail Day 1, Days 2 and 3 or all 3 days, you will be expelled from the CPA program and will no longer be registered as a candidate for the profession with the Order. You may not re-register for the CFE unless you submit your file for review one year following the release of the results of your 3rd attempt. Depending on the results of this review, the Order may require you to retake the entire Professional Education Program.

September 2019 CFE
Since the Profession has determined that a failing mark on the September 2019 exam will not count as an attempt, students on their 3rd attempt will not be expelled from the CPA program. They are also eligible for a free re-write of the CFE exam, along with access to the CPA Professional Education Program’s Capstone 2 preparatory module at no charge.


For a fee, you may submit an appeal of examination results for which the overall assessment is “Fail” by filling out the review and/or performance analysis form. Note that you can apply for a partial review of your results (Day 1 of the CFE, or Day 2 and 3 of the CFE). If the appeal is successful, the fee will be refunded.


A performance analysis is available for Day 1, Days 2 & 3, or for the 3 days. A performance analysis provides candidates with specific feedback on the areas where the minimum standard was not met, and provides commentary of how to improve performance. In addition, areas where candidates performed well are also be commented on.

Here is an example of a personalized performance analysis report for Day 1 and an example for Day 2 and Day 3 of the September 2017 Common Final Examination (CFE).

If your standing is changed to “Pass” after the appeals process and you have requested a performance analysis, the analysis will not be performed and all related fees will be refunded.