Declaration of the start of a period

You must declare the start of your period of practical experience to the Order so that the months you will work can be recognized as practical experience in your file.

Before beginning the authorization step, you must:

 Important: The practical experience start date recognized by the Order cannot be more than 60 days earlier than the date your complete file is received.

Prepare a request

Discuss with your CPA mentor to identify together the CPA competencies you can acquire and to evaluate the level of proficiency that can be achieved. In this regard, refer to the guide on proficiency levels [PDF] for more information and for tasks example by competency. 

Practical experience to be approved by the Order

You must attach to your declaration of practical experience a descriptive document, submitted on the employer’s letterhead, including:

  • your first name and last name;
  • the date on which the document was produced;
  • the date of hire;
  • the number of hours worked per week;
  • a detailed description of the position  and of the organization
  • the proportion of time (percentage) per week spent on each group of tasks;
  • the educational requirements for the position;
  • the signature of the line supervisor;
  • the signature of the CPA mentor.

Please note that the Order reserves the right to request additional information or verify the information submitted.

Pre-approved program of practical experience

You are not required to submit a job description, since your employer has taken the steps to obtain authorization from the Order beforehand. However, you must attach the declaration form signed by your program leader. Consult the list of pre-approved path positions >

Review of the request

The period of practical experience will be reviewed by the Order and you will receive an email confirming the status of your request.

  • Practical experience authorized for the entire 24-month period. 
  • Practical experience authorized for a limited time. Use this period to progress in your work and increase your level of autonomy and the complexity of your assignments. The Order team will provide guidance to ensure you progress in your position. At the end of the authorized period of practical experience, you can submit an up-to-date job description to have your file re-assessed, or find another position to finalize the development of the CPA competencies.
  • Practical experience rejected. This decision is very rare. However, if you find yourself in this situation, you must submit a new authorization request for another position.

Once the period of practical experience is authorized, you can access your practical experience log and begin documenting the information required to prepare your first practical experience report.